Friday, December 31, 2004



Not even January and I've finished FO #2. Fortunately for all of you I didn't even get to take a photograph. I finished a dishcloth at work last night and the woman who relieved me said that she liked them and jumped at my offer to make it her very own.

Bet y'all were scared you were going to get pictures of 74 dishcloths, three bunnies and a couple dozen hats, weren't you?

I'm on the graveyard again tonight (I love those shifts except when they're stuck in the MIDDLE of day shifts!) so who knows what might happen?

God, my life is exciting.

Happy New Year !

I'm hoping to see you building up to a beautiful sweater for you...

How about making one of those hats a CABLED beanie done in the round? That way you could get over two of your fears in one project. You will feel invincible!

Cables are NOT hard, they just impress the hell out of non-cable knitters. And toss the idea of double-point needles, all you need is a circular needle to knit in the round.
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