Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Stash Depletion Project and a Rant

Thanks, all, for your comments!

Caramel: Regarding the dishcloths, homeless shelters are screaming for them here in Vancouver. The ladies they serve often ask for facecloths and they have none. I'm going to donate some of the ones I make, after I've met our own need (and started a stash for next fall's craft show circuit). You might want to check in your area if there's a similar need.

Marlene, I have several patterns for finger puppets but I'm terrified of dpns, and yeah, I don't think it would convince my hubby that I'm making a sincere effort to de-stash.

I did, however, start a "Quick Knit Gift Scarf" which can be found here at Frugalhaus.

It's easy, it's quick, it seems to be pretty so far:

I'm using up some ACKrylic that I have -- Red Heart "Painted Desert" and some Bernat whatever the hell that is they sell in the "pounder" thingies. I have about 8" done so far and that took me an hour at work last night (while almost asleep and answering the phone) so I think I can get it done tonight. This one is for me, seeing I'm in urgent need of a scarf, however I think there may be a couple dozen done up for the shelters.

I have an entire evening free so I'm looking forward to some knitting time. I WAS looking forward to some dating time with my husband but my whore of a babysitter jammed out on me at the last minute.

For those of you who don't know, I work a pretty damned brutal schedule. I work Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4 at an institute of higher learning and then pick up anywhere from 500-900 hours a year of "other" work at a couple of hospiddles. The IHL is closed from Dec. 23 to Jan 3, inclusive. This theoretically gives me 11 days in a row, si? I have, however, during that time taken on eight shifts at the hospiddles, two of which were on Xmoose day (to pay for school next term) and cooked the Christmas dinner and had everyone here. I therefore have something like three days off during this entire holiday.

I'm in school part time and my hubby is in school full time. We won't mention the 50+ hours a month I spend on this charity.

Oh yeah, and of course there's Her Surreal Highness. (And no, this list isn't in order of importance. If it was, she'd be at the top. Duh.)

No, I'm not whining. This is entirely by choice -- nobody is holding a gun to my head -- but as I said it's a pretty brutal schedule and I appreciate whatever help I can get to get through it.

Anyhow, Jenn (who will hereafter be referred to as "assface") owes me about six or seven hours of babysitting (as well as several tanks of gasoline) for all of the times that I've lent her money and also lent her my van without question.

She agreed yesterday to take Her Surreal Highness for a few hours so that my husband and I could have our first evening alone since September. We were going to indulge in such outrageous and unreasonable behaviour as walking around downtown, eating pizza and maybe stopping for a beer. I guess seeing I wasn't going to be paying her for it and my van is sick (needs a water pump) so she can't drive it, I have nothing more left that she wants, so she cancelled on me at the last minute, because she "had to do laundry".

Did I mention she was a whore?

Ah well, enough ranting, I have most of the yarn in North America, food in the fridge for a good dinner (pasta, pepperoni, tomato sauce and feta and then maybe garlic toast or something) and an absolutely kick-ass bottle of wine (Valdivieso Pinot Noir Reserve -- not usually something one would eat with pepperoni pasta but what the fuck?) and a couple of new DVDs to watch (Clerks X, Finding Forrester) so maybe tonight won't be a write-off after all.

Maybe I'll even let Ben get fresh ...

geez what a whiner shut up. Ok I really have to stop this sarcastic shit before you start hating me. (more) But then my name is Jen and I'm a flaky whore too, so I guess maybe you expect it. I hate your Jenn. First off, she spells it with the hated double "N", which is basically the scarlet letter for babysitter whores. If I lived in the great white north I'd come entertain Her Surreal Highness any old time because she looks like she's fun and because I can pretty much assume your likker cabinet is well-stocked. If you'd like to slap her on a plane and ship her to acomplete stranger, I'll give you my address and phone number!
We decided to have a family night instead (how shocking) and play Scrabble. Her Surreal Highness, not being able to spell, got bored pretty quickly, even though she was the one who decided we should play it.

Apart from the fact that Ben wouldn't accept "fagtori" as a word, pretty much ruining my game, we had a good time. And yes, I won.
First time reader, this is the most entertaining blog I've read all hour, so I thought I would comment. Get fresh what? What fresh thing was Ben getting? Whatever it was, did he get any? I'm in suspense here.
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No, Jute, he neither got fresh nor stale anything, however he did get his ass whopped in four straight games of Scrabble, so I'm happy.

Thank you for the kind words about my blog!
Damn, you crack me up.
I would've looked after her for you.....if you brought her out the valley. Course, by the time you got her here, and then travelled back home, you wouldn't have had much time or energy for anything "fresh".
Thank you, Marlene!

I love my hubby dearly (despite frequent threats of divorce) but we've been together 8 years now and I'm sad to say that there ain't nothing fresh enough to warrant 5 or 6 hours of driving for.

Oh for the good old days when I commuted 300km every Friday night and back again every Sunday. For two years!
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