Monday, December 13, 2004


Picture of My Wet P ... Um, Damp Cat

We found She Who Must Be Feared sleeping in the sink today. The damp sink. Hubby felt that this moment should be immortalized onna internest.

I felt that I should be careful about the title of the picture, as I've already had some interesting google search words lead folks here.

I think the thing I like most about this picture is the half-naked and obscenely-posed Barbie lying on the counter behind her. Ben didn't even notice when taking the shot.

Yes, there are toothpaste splats on my faucet. Wanna make something of it?

Ha ha! I love your almost title! Hee hee. Cats to lend themsleves to some nasty talk, don't they?

You need to knit Barbie some drawers, stat!
Ok, I'm going to have to show your blog to the DH tonight as proof that Momoze is NOT crazy, because other people's cats reside in THEIR bathroom sink too! Great title-that-almost-was, BTW!
Yes, I can only read your blog from home as my computer at school recognizes your site as containing porn. Probably better that my kindergarteners not learn how to spell the word ass too early anyway, right?

Keep up the good work, and please tell me that your arms have healed by now! We can't have too many beaten wives walking around at once, now can we?
That's not so bad ... it looks exactly like my bathroom -- well, except for Nude Contortionist Barbie and the p- ... cat.
That Barbie is turning me on. She's such a contortionist.
Did you bring your kitty over to my house and take a picture of my bathroom? I usually have to scrape the toothpaste splats off my counters...

For god's sake, don't use an actual ScotchBrite pad. Oh, it'll take the splats off allright ... but it will also irreparably mar the fixtures. I guess that's ok if you have some kind of metal finishing skill.
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