Tuesday, December 28, 2004


One Hundred Things

No, I'm not going to do the "100 Things About Me" list, so popular with bloggers of late. That's not to say that I don't find other bloggers' lists interesting, however there just AREN'T 100 things of any sort about me and it's likely best that I not get all depressed and stuff trying to write such a list.

Nono, this is far, far more frightening. My house was obscenely overrun with "stuff" before we moved ... and the new house is considerably smaller than the old one. Therefore I believe it's time to downsize my stash, no matter how comforting I find the concept of thousands of balls of yarn lurking in the closet.

Therefore, my resolution is to finish 100 things before I permit myself the luxury of purchasing any more yarn.

This, my dear readers, is in no way as horrifying as the fact that I am going to post pictures of every single finished item.


Even if it's just a dishcloth. (Please note that this is the first one I've ever made for myself.)

Dude, I absolutely don't believe there aren't 100 very interesting things to know about you. But I like the idea of 100 FO.....what's your time frame for this - 3 weeks?

Trust me, d00d, there are about 10 interesting things about me and the rest is just ass.

I'm thinking the FOs are going to take at least six months. I am an excruciatingly-slow knitter, taking at least four to six hours to make one toque. Touque? Tocque? Hat.

Thank dog I need some facecloths and have about 100 balls of cotton ...
Amen to the mountains of cotton! I've been thinking about making and a million dishcloths myself and putting them in the candy jar for people to take home. Think it will work?

Hope your 100 things manifesto works out for you. The pull is WAY too strong for me. :S
NOoooooo. Make it Stop!!!! Haha just kidding. Let's see you do some of those cute little spirally pot scrubbers out of that cotton, too.
When you get to object #43 or so and just can't take it anymore, let me know. I have a pattern for finger puppets and I betcha you could finish up the other 47 objects in no time. Of course, they wouldn't deplete your stash much.....
hey , do socks count as two 'things'? :)
If you make two socks, it counts as two things. If you make one sock, even though it's technically an UFO, it is still one finished thing.
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