Monday, November 22, 2004


She Who Must Be Feared

The moving madness has me in its grip. Nothing to report except madness and sore muscles, therefore I leave you with a picture of Herself, lurking in wait in the Chinese Maple leaves ...

The Mighty Hunter

Ooooh! She is gorgeous! And look at those red leaves. I LOVE watching my 2 play "jungle kitty"
:( Hope you get done soon Rabbitch and get settled in.

How's the queen bee (aka little one) doing with the move?
Moving is hell - I swore 22 years ago I`d never do it again......that`s after I`d finished all the other swearing: the moving van got lost and cruised the neighbourhood for a day, leaving me in an empty house with dogs.
They say the 3 main causes of nervous beakdown are bereavement, divorce and moving house. Hope you haven`t too far to go, and get out of the muddle quickly
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