Saturday, November 20, 2004


Other People's Accomplishments

Yet again I am posting about other people's stuff. Marlene has just finished the Rogue and is it gorgeous or what? I'm thinking that if I can get over my pathological fear of cable needles, and oh, perhaps FIND same (I think they're in my old purse) that I should take a run at this. Then again I've just read that it's for experienced knitters with advanced cabling. Maybe I should go back to making scarves, thusly:

Sage Moss Stitch Scarf

That's a little closer to my speed, I think.

On the disappointing knitting front, this:

Terminal 'Tard Tank

Is going to be consigned to the frog pond.

I don't like it, I don't like doing it, and it looks like ass. Stripey ass, at that. This means that every single piece of clothing I have tried to make for myself, apart from one fuschia basketweave scarf that was too short to give to anyone else, has either been the wrong size, has been given away, or has been frogged.

I suck.

But at least my friends and family have nice clothes ...

Most knitters do very little for their own selfs. Fact of life.

You do not suck. You are generous, kind, compassionate.

Stick to that story.

Nice scarf, by the way. . .
I am also stubborn, capricious, egotistical and foul-mouthed, but thank you.

Thanks re: the scarf. It was given to a coworker (as opposed to a COWorker) as a birthday present two years ago.

I'm casting on the Sophie bag tonight. And if it looks any good I'm gonna keep it, so there! *g*
Experienced knitters and advanced cablers watch out. This semi-intermidiate knitter who is a beginning cabler is about to hit the Rogue scene. Got my russet highland wool and the pattern and I've pulled together the supplies and my laminated card with handy swear words for knitting disasters. I should probably be afraid, but fools rush in...Come on-join me. You have even better cuss words than I have anyway.
I got all of my peacock blue wool rolled into balls last night (and ladies, watch OUT for beeyatches who try to hide flaws in their dyeing in the middle of a skein -- she'll be hearing from me!) Gonna make the Sophie bag; my first foray into the wonderful world of felting. I'm a medium-beginner with no cabling experience, but an assbucket of cusswords ... maybe the Rogue happens after we finish moving (which is teaching me even more cusswords).
Well, join me in the League of Knitters Without Garments, Associated. (LOKWOG-ASS). It's lonely and cold down here. Grab a Target Hoodie and sit a spell.

Cables Schmable. From what I've read about the Rogue, the shit hits the fan around the decreases on the hood. Cables are nothing. Besides, if you're just gonna frog it or toss it anyway, why not give it a twist?
No! I am determined to one day finish an item that will look good and that I WILL KEEP! Get thee behind me, foul temptress.
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