Thursday, November 18, 2004


I Am A Neglectful Strumpet

But any post that gives me the opportunity to use a delicious word like "strumpet" can't be all bad. I was saving it for a special occasion and now I have one! I have discovered that there is a heretofore-unsuspected enclave of drunken knitters right here in my home town! *squirm*

"Heretofore unsuspected". Does that mean that I suspect them of something now? Who knows? Probably.

Of course the fact that I'm working three jobs, moving house, have a small child, am too poor to even pay attention and am in school at the moment precludes my contacting them to see if I can join in the merriment, but there's always next year ...

Gives me a reason to keep chewing through the restraints and heading out to work every day.

Today has been a fun day. No, really. Fun. That's what it's been.

The asstrumpets who lived in my new home before me left the place decidedly less clean than I had hoped. You see, MY version of cleaning involves actually taking the dirt OFF of stuff ...

Yeah, who'd a thunk it?

Anyhow, I was over there tonight steam cleaning the carpet, which contrary to my first opinion thankfully is NOT brown, so not only am I cranky and sore and smell like a goat, I'm very very tired. However none of this negates the fact that I haven't posted in far too long. Bad rabbitch.

Then again smelling like a goat might not be all that bad a thing. That delicious fleece I got at the Puyallup Fair was goat, at least some of it was, and it's not smelly at all. I'm eternally grateful to whoever washed the goatpoo out of it before they put it up for sale. Can you see putting that on your resume? 1994-1998, Head Poopwasher at Sunnybrook Farms. Perhaps not.

There has been desperately little knittage Ch├ęz Lapin of late, however I have plans to remedy that as quickly as possible once I've "downsized" (read: thrown all of my crap into the Smithrite) and have finished this move. I'm thinking that Michelle is going to get her new hat early in the new year, as I have decided that broke or not I'm buying myself some carding combs and a spindle for Christmas. I've found a cunning series of spinning and carding video clips online and am going to see if I can bumble my way through the process without having to make yet another unreturned phone call to the lady who I hoped was going to teach me.

Stay tuned for the sure-to-be accident laden tales of my journey down yet another lane of the wonderful world of fibre arts.

Speaking of journeys, I would just like to take this moment to express how dearly I wish that those people who think it's already Christmas would take a journey. Immediately. Preferably somewhere very warm and where the poolboy has a pitchfork.

No, really d00ds, it's NOVEMBER. Now, as a non-Christian I don't spend a lot of time contemplating the miracle of Jesus' birth and the celebration thereof. But heathen or no, I can still read a calendar and do math. I have a child. Although I never went into labour with her (because I'm not NUTS), I do understand the duration of said event. Labour does NOT last two months. So ... even with adding the time spent on Mary's labour and delivery to the Blessed Event, and even adding the time for the three wiseguys to go out and buy appropriate gifts and get their wives to wrap them, and MAYBE even adding the amount of time it takes to write that note to Auntie Sadie about how you really do love the orange sweater with three sleeves that she shipped to you from Pennsylvania, even adding ALL OF THAT, there is no way that Christmas lasts over two months. I'm thinking two-three weeks, tops. So, at the risk of sounding like a Jesus-hating Grinch, take the fucking lights DOWN already people. Have you no shame?

Don't make me get out my slingshot.

I think you mean, "heretofore undetected", actually. But I won't take off any points for that.
Lights? Heck I walked past a house a few days ago that already had a Christmas tree up and lit. I kid you not! I overheard some rotten scumbag of a person boasting that they had 9/10ths of their Christmas shopping done already. Hmpf! I am trying to forget that the dreaded season is almost upon us once again.

Christmas shopping. Do I hafta?
Rabbitch! You're back! Hallelujah!

Aaaaah... I knew there were many reasons that I liked you. LOL. Being a heathen myself, I agree with you @ Christmas. Although truth be told, it was a celebrated holiday long before "Christ" was ever brought into being. Anyways, I think smelling like goat is hot.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (Wait.. is that sheep? Well damn.)
Oh, we're pretty casual about things at Knitting & Beer. It's just a laid-back kind of get-together-and-knit thing.
Well, if there is both knitting and beer involved, I'm your gal. Maybe after the move, and finals, and the holidays and such I shall keep an eye on your blog and mosey on over ...
The people across the complex from me have had their Christmas lights & tree up since the end of October - drives me nuts.

Everyone worries about Christmas, Christmas dinner & family for months, which is why I am glad I stopped celebrating it.
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