Sunday, November 14, 2004



I have absolutly nothing to give you today and so am trying to distract y'all from that sorry fact with links to other people's incredibly amusing pages.

Having little shame, I have no qualms about resting on someone else's laurels, and this lady is hilarious. She seems to understand that a knitblog doesn't actually have to have knitting content in it, although I must say she has more knitting on her page than has been appearing on my lazy-assed blog of late (you'll note here that is is the BLOG that is lazy-assed, not me). She also has the most amusing linkage -- the November 1 link to Skot's poem to his wife on her birthday actually made me hurt myself.

My hysteria might have something to do with the fact that the rampaging Visigoths near whom I reside aren't very interested in the fact that I work shifts, and I therefore came to work with so little sleep that I have some sort of funky nosetwitch tic sort of thing going on, but I think it just might be that she's really funny. No really, go look. I command it,and such.

Very kind of you!

But I'm not actually hilarious. Mildly amusing, at best....
I went to work on 6 hours of sleep and a 20-minute nap and am now facing my day on about three and a half hours of sleep as my daughter decided that her amusement was more important than my sleep.

It may well be my sleep-deprivation that makes you seem so funny, but I'm pretty sure you'd be as funny if I had slept more than five hours in a row in the last four years.

And you're welcome.
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