Saturday, November 06, 2004


Blogger is a Bitch

I've been trying to update for a day or two now, but Blogger hates me, it's clear.

Anyhow, the only knitting action has been to finish an order for 10 dishcloths, and there are only so many garter squares of yarn I'm prepared to post, so you'll just have to make do with the next excerpt from the novel.

Continuing on from where we left off:


... In a stolen Mercedes. His Mercedes. While being serenaded by a mariachi band hired with his own Platinum American Express card.

And although most of the weekend was lost in a drunken haze, I was pretty sure I hadn’t yet descended to that level. Yet. Give me time; the week is still young.

I can’t lie worth a damn. I have no idea why I got into advertising. It makes almost as much sense as a nun taking pole-dancing lessons, but without quite as much chance of career success.

I hung on the strap, dozing, until I heard a small voice muttering “Ratslayer aside, whispered something” over and over again. I opened my eyes as the train slowed for the next station, only to meet the disconcertingly direct gaze of a small, wizened man -- at least I think it was a man. He gave me a cheeky grin which startlingly did not crack the layer of dirt and grime on his face, winked, said “Ask Wilma if we can go,” and then exited the train.

I had little time to ponder this peculiar performance, as the next subway stop was mine. I wrote it off to a combination of alcohol-induced madness (his or mine, I wasn’t sure) coupled with a great lack of sleep (mine), took a firmer grip on my battered briefcase and exited the train at my station.

So glad you liked my blog! I really love yours.

Pugs are absolutely cute but be warned - they rule you with a rod of iron. Behind that sweet wrinkly face and that puzzled expression is a very determined little person who absolutely will have his way at all times. I really like pugs.

I also knit, and still remember with a shudder earning money during my student days, back in the stone age, by churning our fairisle mitts, hats and gloves for sale in a local store.....amazed I can still look a pattern in the face.

Good luck with the novel - I wouldn`t have the nerve!
Of course you love my blog -- I'm from Glasgow! How would it be possible for me to be boring? (or humble, it would seem).

Thanks for the kind words. I'm pretty much set on getting a pug, but my daughter wants another cat. If I can't overrule a four year old, I have no chance with a pug, so it might just be best that she win ...
HI, it's your fan, Suzanne from North Van...I am forwarding to you a link that I just know will do your heart good. It is pics of Americans apologizing to the world for voting for Bush...some of the comments are sweet, sad and funny and often at the same time.

read and weep...
You`re from Glasgow? Do tell! I`m originally from Paisley, now by the Clyde near Motherwell.
Born in Glasgow, moved to Canada when I was six. Been here ever since. Not sure how I feel about it.

Drop me a line if you want to blether. is where I can be found most days.
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