Monday, November 29, 2004



Monday. Still moving. Barely.

Also still moving house. Next time I'm burning it down.

We shall resume our regular broadcasts by the weekend. That is, unless I die.

Aaaaaaaaaack I feel your PAIN!
I too am in the middle of moving both
our home and business from the burbs of
Surrey, B.C. to our new house & acreage in Langley.
I HATE moving: the packing the cleaning the packing the disorganization the packing.
And our new house was left an absolute mess. Nothing like cleaning up someone else's grime and germs. grrrrr
May the moving force be with you!
The only way I'm ever moving again is in a body bag.

In case anyone wondered.
I picture hell as a perpetual move...

Nevertheless, Hang In There!

We'll be here.
You`ll get there! Eventually the dust settles.
Although I`ve still some boxes in the attic still unpacked after 22 years...........
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