Saturday, October 02, 2004


Stop Draggin' My Ass Around

The original lyrics were "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" however my heart is in just fine shape today; as well as it's been for ages, if not better.

It's my ass that's the problem. It draggeth. Badly.

I had to take my kid to the dentist today and it would seem that she has a cavity. For anyone with a sugar jones like hers, this can hardly be a surprise, and increased vigilance in the brushing and flossing department will do a lot to ameliorate the fact that she seems to have not inherited her father's almost-flawless teeth, as hoped, but rather seems to have been saddled with my little, tiny, massively-reconstructed teeths.

Made me feel like shit. Like a great big pile of shit in fact. I get to take my daughter in to the dentist to get her face hurt next week, and she's only four. The good thing is that this dentist will use freezing, so it shouldn't be so bad.

The guy that helped create my massive dentophobia didn't use freezing. It was 35+ years ago. I'm still sort of hoping he's followed Coochiefish's example and toddled off into the void by now. Not that I have issues or anything.

On another happy-making note, a friend of mine has a mental health condition and engages in self-harm on a regular basis. She often has to check herself into support homes when things get too ugly to cope. She'll be going off to one next Thursday for a month. I know it isn't my responsibility, and this is the best place for her at the moment. She likes it there, they know how to take care of her and she can leave any time she likes -- it isn't any form of incarceration -- but it still makes me sad. Really sad.

I got to see what she did to herself on Wednesday, though, and I'm thinking that it might be a good time for someone to be carrying part of her burden. I'm gonna let the professionals do that one. I'm too little.

I haven't had enough sleep, I'm working two graveyards this weekend and then returning to my day job after a week's vacation on Monday, so I think this is all just adding up to make me feel like shit, but knowing ~why~ you feel bad doesn't make the bad go away.

There are good things, though, to balance out the little bucket of feces that life decided to deliver to my doorstep today.

One of my favourite people just passed his Microsoft Certified Professional test, after much studying and sweaty-pawed angst. This delights me beyond telling. Congratulations, d00d. *smep*

I finally admitted that The Orange Scarf From Hades (about which I haven't yet posted but with which I expect you already to be intimately familiar) wasn't in fact a scarf but, rather, a potholder. Sent it to the frog pond, recast it on, hated the new one, sent THAT back to the frog pond and am now on its "real" incarnation.

(please imagine that I wasn't too tired to insert a photograph here)

While to the uninitiated this might sound like far too much fucking around for one chunk of yarn that will eventually be a scarf (or not), for the OCD amongst us, you will likely be able to understand my deep sense of satisfaction at this point.

I did some further soul repair by spending a few hours with my parents today. Let them buy me lunch (did I mention I'd forgotten to eat anything but 3/4 of a tuna sandwich and one piece of toast for about two days? - oops-), went to get my eternity ring resized (no, my husband doesn't buy me diamonds. He's never bought me a single piece of jewelry in my life -- I had to buy my own wedding ring the night before the ceremony -- and yes, that IS almost as pathetic as it sounds, but not quite) but my mother has "outgrown" her eternity ring, or maybe the ring shrank, yeah, that's it -- gold and diamonds shrink all the time! Anyhow, she gave it to me for my birthday and we went to get it resized for my pinkie today. That'll be back in a week and then I can start wearing it all the time, which brings me joy. It's lovely.

After that I went and spent an hour digging and hoeing in the back 40. Well, it's nowhere near 40 of anything, it's just the parents' back yard, but it's terraced and they get a damned good crop out of it every year. I cut and slashed vigorously for a while, managed to clear enough of one of the plots so we could at least see what we had to do with it, and completely cleared one small patch about 2-3 feet square. Not much but I'll do a little more tomorrow and Sunday and maybe several nights after work next week.

I love hunkering down and getting my paws in the dirt. Dragging out the weeds and as much of their nasty root systems as possible, chatting to the earth and the worms, clearing the rocks. It's sort of Zen for me. And if anyone ever heard me chatting to the dirt I'm quite sure that they'd lock me up, but mostly it's internal chatting.

It brings me peace; something I'm much in need of at the moment.

Tune in tomorrow for something a little more cheerful. I promise.

Great! Both my husband and I have crappy teeth. Our offspring are screwed! Oh well, at least they'll be cute, toothless wonders!

Sucks that you're feeling so down. Something will pop up soon that will make your ass fall off you'll be laughing so hard. Then, at least, you'll have lost weight, and you'll no longer have the burden of ass-dragging. :)
I too suffered under the hands of such a dentist. Would you believe his name was Dr. Aiken? Yeah, us kids called him Aching. After several years of torture I was saved when my father refused to put up with such crap and changed dentists. My brothers and I clamoured to follow!
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