Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The Second Sign ...

... of the Apocalypso. The rhythmic, musical, coming of the end of all things.

I've found someone who also seems to have an almost terminal letch for vintage patterns AND who is funnier than I am.

If I ever stop laughing I think I'm going to hunt her down and do something terrible to her ... like make her wear THIS:


Which, in and of itself, really isn't that bad; it just seems to have the effect of making the wearer lose bladder control.

I certainly would like to have the chance to meet her in person one day. We could put on our nifty vintage clothing and stand around like a couple of bicthes, gossiping about girls who don't know that leaving your sweater unbuttoned just makes you look like a tramp ...


I love your old patterns - the only old patterns I have are 1950's Baby clothes & socks - not very exciting

...of the Apocalypso. The rhythmic, musical, coming of the end of all things.Now is the winter of my discotheque.
Don't make me come over there and hurt you, mister! Discotheque, indeed. Hmph.
Yay! Someone else who loves these things! I'm obsessed with vintage patterns (and vintage ladies magazines in general). If there were history classes consisting of this stuff in college, I'd be a freakin' professor by now! AND, I would wear that in a second! (just as long as we were near a bathroom) Hey, what does it mean if I button half way?

It means you'll put out, but they have to buy you dinner first.

I love these things. LOVE 'em! I'm making one of the sweaters from one of the books right now. Have been for two years ... I hardly ever finish anything.
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