Saturday, October 30, 2004


Oh Give Me A Home

Where the buffalo roam. And I'll give you a home that is considerably tidier than mine, even if there IS buffalo poo all over the carpet in that other home.

I've finally found a new place to move my family into, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Being one of the worst housekeepers in the world (#3, you may recall) makes my house pretty much uninhabitable at the best of times and this hasn't really been the best of times. I have now compounded the general chaos by adding about 500 empty boxes to the mishmash of toys, clothes, dirty dishes and yarn that is strewn through my abode.

Bet you can guess what this place looks like, hmm? It's bad enough that I, who have no shame, will not post a picture. Besides, I like to maintain an aura of mystery in which y'all can imagine that I am lying madly and that I really live in a nice big clean place full of cool stuff instead of the small dingy low-rent hovel that I inhabit.

I have been wallowing in depression for the last week, which is why I've been a total ass and haven't posted. Not even once.

That, and I think I'm being stalked by this guy:

So I'm keeping a pretty low profile. Hell, wouldn't you?

Anyhow, I have now bought myself the joy of having to pack and also having to make this place presentable by tomorrow night, at which time we will be descended upon by a myriad of ghosts and goblins. Oh yeah, and I have people coming over on Monday to look at some furniture I'm selling.

This would be marginally, MARGINALLY, doable if I wasn't spending the entire weekend at Michael's doing the Blankets for Canada thingie.

I'm hoping that my house will burn down before dinnertime tomorrow and solve my problem. Think there's a chance?

Off to search for my Zippo ...

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