Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Is It Art?

Or is it Evil?

Yeah, well, I know it's neither. It's nothing more or less than a somewhat-lumpy child's slipper. The slipper is lumpy; the child is perfect. I'm tired and I've been sick -- fuck grammar. And grandpar too, if he doesn't like 'em.

The "lump" at the side is a badly-joined heel, which just goes to show that it helps if one is aware of which is the right side and which is the wrong side when you're doing things like this. It was my first; gimme a break. Hopfully the second one (which Her Surreal Highness is expecting by morning) will be a little closer to perfect. If not, I decline to post it.

I'm feeling far better -- even got my wobbly ass in to work today, which was A Good Thing as people were getting stupid in my absence. You've got to nip that sort of thing right in the ... um ... bud, as it were.

Carry on.

It's very cut evil art?

Like it!
It's very cute evil art?

Like it!
Ah, what the fevered mind can do! Glad you're up and about. I've enjoyed reading your blog.
I say it's evil because as I scrolled down to look at the evil one I poked myself in the eye. Though, I admit I'm jealous. I wish I could voodoo knit.
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! No, no, ANYTHING but that! A pink bunny slipper, oh the horror! It's so adorable it's scary! Seriously, for your first-ever slipper, it's not bad at'll find the second one just breeze right along. I wouldn't mind making a pair for me to go with my pink bunny coffee mug. *wink*
Missy LA! Did you SEE my list of promised, started and imaginary projects? Do I have to post an updated list? DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!
I wish I had a pair of black ones... with bat features. If you ever just feel like making a pair...size 8.5! Bwahaha. And I would send you pictures of me wearing them, tryin to get down the hallway, and my jack russell terrier ferociously trying to knock me down and steal them... as she has with the last 4 pairs of bedroom shoes that I've owned. Bah.

And to make matters worse, I think you gave me your germs! I've been freezing all day with a headache and now have a fever. THANKS! heh
Three days have passed since the posting of the pictures of the first evil art bunny slipper. Is your daughter hopping around on one foot on those chilly mornings? Or is the second one as bad as you had imagined?
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