Monday, October 11, 2004


I'm Thinking About Knitting

How about you?

This is the incredibly cheesy cover for a pattern that I'm thinking would have made me look like ass. Women with big boobs likely shouldn't wear collars like that. Anyhow, we don't have to worry about it, seeing I bought the cover and then realized that, in fact, there was no pattern inside.

I actually like the cover enough that I don't feel particularly ripped off. Especially when you consider the fact that it cost me a quarter. Canadian.

We were supposed to go to my parents' for Thanksgiving tonight but my father is sick as a dog and my husband isn't much better off. So, it's a day of knitting on the couch and making jello with my kid.

Not a bad trade, and I still get to go up and pick up a big plate of cooked ham for my family 'round about 4pm.

Life is pretty good. At least for those of us without strep throat.

Ham???!? WTF is THAT all about? Thanksgiving is all about the TURKEY...Christmas is all about the ham, and Easter, that's about ham too, or lamb, or ham AND lamb. Dammit! Now I'm hungry....*wink*
In our family you eat what She Who Is Mentally Deficient and Often Drunk decides you'll eat. And you like it.

My mother can't cook a turkey to save her soul, despite protests to the contrary. She also will only buy a turkey breast, despite the preference of several members of the family for darker meat.

Ham at Thanksgiving is just fine by me. We (hubby and I) who ~can~ cook do a turkey at Christmas at our house. Easter? Who knows what we get then? I usually just eat the vegetables. At least she's never tried to get me to eat lamb. I hate it so much I'd leave the house ...
Where are you finding these amazing old patterns? I think you've said Valu Village, but my VV never has any.

I also missed Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday (working!) but intend to make my own today. It's going to be sweet, eating, watching tv, and stitching. My choice of food. No making nice with disapproving relatives.

Have a great day.
Happy T-day! (Ours isn't for another 5 or 6 weeks. I lose track. But the first T arrived last week and true to tradition, we made the "new kid" walk it back to the freezer. She'll make many more trips before the end of the year!)

And I likethat sweater, big boobs or not.

There were lots of vintage baby ones at the book sale I went to the other day. And prices are lower now. Do baby things interest you, or just fuzzy adult stuff?
I like any vintage stuff! And I can't give you the pattern for that sweater, alas, as all I have is the cover. If I ever find the pattern I'll send it to you.

I get these at thrift stores and online. The bizarre hats I got were from the Mormons (along with a very nice sage cotton blanket for $5! They're bonkers!) and I have some great sweater patterns I got on eBay for 99 cents 'cause it smelled musty. I'll post pix of that one later, I love it.
Hey, anonymousperson, can I come to your house? I'll bring popcorn ...
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