Sunday, October 03, 2004


I Get By With A Little Help ..

... from my friends.

Sometimes you need a friend to help you put things in perspective.

I was talking on ICQ tonight with my friend Michelle who is, truly, one of the grooviest chicks on the block. She is very cool about directing me to other blogs where people show off their yarn and knitting and shit, even though she's not a knitter.

Anyhow, she said that this other lady had nice yarn and I, being the most competitive little yarnho on the block pointed out that ~I~ also have beauteous yarn ~and~ kick-ass fleece.

The conversation sort of went like this (edited somewhat because really, how interesting can half an hour of deliberate misspellings be?):

Michelle: She has pretty yarn.

Rabbitch: So do I. Did you see my fleeces?

M: Yes, I like the purpel.

R: The peacock already-spun lopi is to die for as well but i think I've just been
overwhelmed with life and I can't do anything any more right now. We are moving more than likely. I get full up more than I used to. No energy. Even the vacation didn't fix it, although I'm moving forward again.

M: You need a serious break, not a vacation. I am really tired, probably should just go to bed.

R: I think you should. I am going to pack some. And clean house. And do laundry, and knit shit.

M: Shit knitter.

R: Yes, and relax and stuff like that. Maybe take pictures of my body parts and post them to the internet. If the purple kid mohair spins up nicely, we can discuss what needs to be done with it.

M: (here she starts to show her true colours) HAT HAT HAT HAT HAT

R: Purpel kid mohair handspun hat? You would be teh sexay. Hat, maybe, but it will take time. I'm busy getting my life sorted for the next year.

Her response? I believe this photo illustrates it perfectly.

"Fuck you, knit me a hat. I don't care about your midlife crisis."

I don't think I've laughed harder in the last week.

So yeah, fuck my midlife crisis. I'm gonna knit a hat instead.

Don't you just love friends like that? I've got a friend like that (looking sideways at Jen) and I can BE a friend like that (looking sideways at Jen). I hear you about the midlife blah-fest. Sometimes I feel I have to fight it off every day. But I think my blahness has more to do with the "same old, same old, day in and day out" rut I'm in. Knitting DOES help, as long as the DH doesn't start bitching about it. Hang in there, and cherish the friend who can make you laugh just by being themselves!
I can't believe you posted that. <3
Listen, hon, you're one of the best things that's happened to me during this crisis. I would have a lot of trouble getting through it without you (even if a lot of your support consists of telling me how hard Spanish class is). The least I could do is to post a picture of you in bunnie ears with insanely-glowing red eyes. At least I didn't post your whole face *g*
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