Sunday, October 17, 2004


Fleas Release Me, Let Me Go

Well, I've been having an exciting few days. Miss Tuna Butt (aka Sasha the Cat) seems to have been hanging out with low companions and came home with considerably more vermin than she had when we let her out, so I've been vacuuming, squishing and scratching for a bit. I think we caught it early enough that the infestation was over pretty quickly but still ... GAH! I had forgotten how much I hate fleas. It's been almost five years since we had our last cats. How quickly one forgets.

Damn cat's gonna be cloistered from now on, or shellacked or something.

I'm working the graveyard shift right now; so tired I could barf. Being this tired is good, because it means I might actually SLEEP when I get home, despite the pain in my left ankle. You remember that ankle: the one with the sexy little tensor support deelie on it. Yeah. I know that little white bandage got everyone hot and bothered. You may insert that particular image back into your fantasies, as the ankle is all bandaged up again.

I can hear you panting from here. Perverts.

Not only has the Achilles Tendon injury not ever really healed properly, it somehow seems to have become 900% worse all of a sudden, and on top of that I sincerely suspect that the Plantar Fasciitis that I had about 9 years ago has come back.

For anyone who hasn't had the delight of this particular disorder, imagine five small people, maybe dwarves, annoyed at having been tossed, seeking revenge for their indignities by standing about and chopping at your foot with rusty scythes. It feels almost that good. I'm going to ice it, swallow a bunch of painkillers of some sort (no, I'm not about to overdose, I need to live long enough to give those dwarves a taste of their own medicine) and crash for 8 hours as soon as I get home from work. Hopefully that will get a handle on it 'cause I'm too busy to be wounded.

Enough whining. It'll get better sooner or later. This is why they invented ice and ibuprofen.

On to the exciting portion of the evening: Knitting. I did another repeat of the pattern for The Orange Scarf, which will eventually go with the hat that was too small for my husband. I also managed to knit the bodies of two kitty slippers and hopefully I'll make and attach the heads tonight, so that my daughter can have at least one of her insane demands met. I know they're nothing fancy but they're cute, so I'll post them as soon as they're finished. I'm figuring it'll shut her up for about 24 hours. She's already demanded bunnie slippers to go with them. I'm flattered that she wants something I made.

Pictures, maybe some exciting links to come tomorrow, I promise. Right now I'm just going to try not to fall asleep at work, and make plans for my revenge on the scythe-wielding dwarves. Asstrumpets, all of them.

Ciao, bellas.

I bet you thought I forgot about you. I know you did. I know you stayed up late going over in your mind what you did wrong. I'll let you stew a little more.


"imagine five small people, maybe dwarves, annoyed at having been tossed"

Have you tried that topical medication available at the vet's? It costs the earth ($70 for 6 months!) but it makes fleas a distant memory. Wouldn't keep a cat without it. It it came down to a choice, I would rather eat less so I could buy it. Cat would rather I eat less so we could buy it.
Actually I put a collar on her, snipped the end off, put that in the vacuum bag to kill any fleas I vacuumed up and three days later we seem to be completely flea-free. A couple of other folks have recommended those flea drop thingies, though, and I'll certainly think about it if (when) it happens again, thank you!
We swear by Advantage. Usually I get mine online at ebay at a pretty good price....usually around $25-30 for 4 or 6 months' supply, depending on how successful I am at the bidding, but there are other online sources that you can get a good deal on it.

Sorry to hear about the leg conditions. I certainly hope it gets better soon (the leg).
The flea drops that you buy in the pet aisle at the grocery store work too. (At least they did on my cats.)

One word of caution, they make le chat very greasy in that spot.
Scythe-wielding dwarves is my favorite image of the day. No, the month.
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