Monday, October 18, 2004


Duck Season!

No, it's Rabbitch Season. Overworked, stressed out of my mind, exhausted ... and now with the floo! Fever of over 101, may be out for the count for a couple of days ...

Don't nobody kiss me, no matter how badly you want to.

awww Sorry you are sick.*I* don't get to be sick. Everyone else does.
you sure know how to party. how bout a lil tongue?
Well, you know what they say: "When it pains, it roars."
Sorry to hear you are sick :( Whiskey and honey is good for that. Err no, that's for a sore throat. Drink it anyway! Hope you feel better soon.

Restless Knitter
all I have to say is

Hope you feel better soon. I'm completely selfish and need you to feel better because I really need a good laugh soon, and I've already read all your archives! Lots of love for a poor, tired-out mommy. Hope you can rest soon.
Hope you feel better soon. I hope you don't have flea bag fever! Btw, I had a bad case of the vermin several years ago. I blamed it on my sweet pussy but when I went to the vet they said this level of infestation couldn't be from one animal and suggested my yard was infested and they were hopping rides on my ankles. I thought they were blowing flea spray up my butt, but shore enough, I stood in the front yard for five minutes on a chilly afternoon, and five fleas leapt upon my ankles.
Ummm...Is this a Born Again site? Every time I post a comment, I get message "Your comment has been saved." Just wondering. Cause, if thoughts go to heaven separate from their creators, that place must be like a bad boobah trip.
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