Sunday, October 24, 2004


Do Do That Voodoo ...

... That You Do So Well

The Famous Voodoo Kitty Slippers are now complete:

and, it would seem, they have completely captivated their intended victim:


My work here is done.

Ya made me smile!
Wow. You didn't even save them for a Christmas present. I bet she loved them even more. :)
You've obviously never met Herself if you think that denying her her slippers for two months was an option ... she's planned out the next pair I must make for her and has suggested a couple more after that.
Cool! So ... what do we have to look forward to for the next several pairs?

I'm so very sure that all ye knitters have seen this link dozens of times, but it was my first time. I thought of you and wanted to make ABSOLUTELY sure you'd seen it.
Bwaaahaaahaaaa! Yes, I've seen it, but it still makes me laugh. Thank you! I'm having a very rough week, laughs are welcome.
Mark's comment: "So that's what those pills do to you!" want crochet pattern for bunny slippers!!!! I have a 7-year old who seriously needs a pair of these.

Love 'em!!!

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