Tuesday, September 07, 2004



OK, so today I go to turn my coffee maker off. Coffee maker, my love, my darling. Machine without whom many people would die. (None of these people would be me, but still ...)

I rock the switch over from "on" to "off" and *boomf*, sparks fly out of the switch, and something rockets right OUT of the coffee maker, on FIRE, flying through the air and lands in a bowl on the counter and sputters to its eventual demise.

I scream, Ben unplugs the coffee maker and I say "well shit, I guess we have to replace that puppy." He looks at me seriously and says "Hon, it's just fine. We can still use it. Things go on fire all the time, it's not like you have any control over that sort of thing."

Um, is this just a guy thing or am I married to a maniac? (hint: it can be both)

I use French Roast coffee, and this little event made me start thinking ... a few years ago (like four) there was a Concorde that actually took off while on fire. I guess the pilots didn't notice. They're French, you know. While 114 people being killed isn't particularly funny, I couldn't figure out how anyone could think that it might be ok to take off WHILE THE FUCKING PLANE WAS ON FIRE.

Was the pilot perhaps the French version of my husband, sitting there saying "noh noh, eet ees all raht. Thees plane, eet ees what she does. We are een zee aire, zee aire weel bloh zee flehms auht."

This disaster has led to new security measures being installed in the Concorde, doubtless saving many lives.

Yes, I'm going to hell now for sure.

What the hell came flying out of it? Was it a screw or something? A small rodent on fire perhaps? My coffee maker is now making a buzzing or humming sound when it is turned off, so I'm afraid for it's fire potential as well.
Now I'm worried about rodents in my coffee pot. Thanks.

I have no idea what flew out of it. Something small, on fire, came out of the area of the switch and incinerated completely. Fruit fly? Fruit bat? Postal worker?
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