Monday, September 06, 2004


Take This Job And Shove It

One down, three to go.

Against my better judgement I accepted four shifts at one of the hospitals where I work. I had been contemplating quitting, seeing since my training I have only worked ONE shift and that was back in March.

Anyhow, as I was pondering taking care of this detail, the supervisor called and ~begged~ me to take the shifts, as they were completely out of staff and everyone was burning out.

I did. I went in today and discovered that if you've only worked one shift in total for a particular employer and you haven't been in in six months, you're not really trained any more.

I called and gave my resignation and then came home. I'm not much into letting people die because I can't do my job and if they're too cheap to retrain people, they're just going to have to manage without me.


It won't affect my income much, seeing they don't really have much in the way of work for me anyhow, but it sure feels good to be rid of one job.

Now to work on the other three (I've already told my 'main' job I'm putting in for a year's leave at the end of June next year ... and no, that's not my way of announcing I'm pregnant 'cause I'm not *g*).

No knitting content tonight. I have another Crafting for Evil project in the works and hope to be able to post the results in a week or so.


It sounds like you made a very wise decision!
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