Sunday, September 12, 2004


Postage Due

I've had a busy weekend so far, which is why I haven't been posting. Apologies to all who were sucked in by that 'one post a day' thingie. I'm really not interesting enough to keep that up for long.

I worked 8:30 to 4 at my 'regular' job on Friday (if that little den of post-secondary sickness can be called regular in any way), slept four hours and then worked the Friday night midnight to Saturday 8am graveyard shift at my other job. Staggered home and crashed for nine hours and then got up, ate some completely kick-ass homemade lentil soup and then drank wine and watched The Return of the King. MAN, is that a good movie!!!

If anyone wants the recipe for completely-vegetarian lentil soup let me know and I'll post it. Please note that it's a good idea to take Beano before eating it. Trust me on this one.

Got my "Meathead" kit from the post office (with $9 in customs duties -- thank you Canada Post!) and am planning on knitting that up as soon as the size 19 needles arrive from Elann.

Pictures to follow, but not tonight. I think it's time to crash again.

You're right! ROTK did kick ass. Then again, I lust for Orlando Bloom in his elven gear...... just like 80% of the population. heh.
Oh yes. Long, thin blond elf shows up. Rabbitch decides he's gay. Rabbitch watches for 5 minutes and decides she was dreadfully, horribly wrong. Remains in a sweat for several hours ...
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