Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Pause for Commercial Break

I had a good day at the thrift store today and got a whole bunch of knitting and crocheting patterns that I'm going to put up on eBay in the next day or so. Mum says she has a lot of patterns she's never used that she's going to give me also, so I would think that there will be 20 or 30 items up for a buck or two apiece in the next day or so if anyone is interested. My seller name on eBay is Jelliebun. Don't ask.

One of the items I got, though, isn't in great shape and I'm not going to list it. Some of the pages were stuck together and although it is still completely usable, I pride myself on not selling substandard items.

The book in question is entitled "Fashion Knits" and it is a 63-page collection of patterns from 1971. Included are patterns for a very nasty vest and a dress that would make anyone look like leftovers, however there are also patterns for some nice sweaters, tunic tops, a poncho or two, a "bridal bonnet" which is sort of sweet, a skirt and an utterly unspeakable hat referred to as "gay". Which it is, truly. And not in the good way. Some of these "knits" are also "crochets" which makes me question the sanity of the publishers.

Anyhow, now I've got all of you all hot and bothered and panting for a look at this book, seeing I'm not going to sell it if anyone would like it, the first email to gets it for free. I'll even pay for the postage.

I think I've also found a solution for that alpaca yarn that I posted about a while back. I'm going to sell all three cones. There are about 600+ yards, I would think, of the red and cream, seeing all I made was a small shawl, and the 1100 yards of hunter green is intact. It's too fine for me to use as hand-knit because I don't have the patience for lacework and the knitting machine is going to go in a box for a while as I've had it set up for a year and a half and have made 3" of ribbing so far.

That's going to be listed tomorrow or the next day but if anyone is interested in that also, please sing out. Or type out. Or whatever, you know.

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