Monday, September 06, 2004


More Thoughts on the Ho Down

Well, seeing I've quit job #4 and now have an extra 15 minutes a week, I was wondering if people would be interested in being part of a "HoDown" web ring?

Simple rules: You have to be a ho of some sort, either personally or in your love of fabric, yarn, fibre of some sort, and you have to have a blog that you update at least once a week. There has to be some sort of fibre content; knitting, sewing, crocheting, quilting, spinning, etc.

And not every post has to have fibre content, but ya know, once a week or so it might be nice to mention the socks you're making for Auntie Mabel.

And it's ok to use acrylic. Honest.

Anyone game? Either comment or send me an email. If I get enough interest I'll look into setting it up.

Seeing I have those free 15 minutes and such. *g*

I'm in.
I'll be your 'ho, darlin'. Sounds like the right kind of neighborhood for this girl.

Thanks for the pronunciation guide - people have tried to get it through my head before - but 'chimp' does the trick!

Can one be a ho in real life or does one just have to be a yarn ho or some such nonsense? If one were making a pudding fetish website which would pretty much elevate one's ho status, would that make one ho-i-rific?
Hmm, I would think that as long as you were willing, nay eager, to identify yourself as a ho of some sort, it wouldn't matter in what sort of hoery you were involved.

I am now wondering frantically about pudding fetishes ...
I'm a fool who accidently responded to your previous entry - without bothering to read further.

As stated before - 'If you build it, I will come.'
We're in. We're such big ho's that we're even ring ho's. I mean, you know, if we're classy enough ho's to be invited.
Excellent. I shall work on this this weekend.

One place I went to check it out said that I couldn't ~make~ a ring unless I was already in one. Um, but if I want to make something different then why would I have to join something I don't want to be in and waa waa waa? So I'm going to get cracking on Saturday and find a way to defeat their evil constraints. And such.
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