Sunday, September 19, 2004


Hooked On You

Scary thing happened today. My neighbour, who is also my best friend, and I went down to the river to wind down and talk about boys while tossing stones into the water. We took our six kids with us (one of mine, two of hers, three she takes care of, but they're all "ours") and let them go mad in the water for a while until their lips started turning blue (It's September here in the Great White North, after all) and then took them home to toss them in the bath, feed them and then put them in bed. One of the big kids (8 years old) had a bit of fishing line around her foot at one point and I pulled it off. This is what was attached.

Nice. Just what I want to find wrapped around one of my kids' feet. Fishing line and a lure or a flash or whatever the hell you call it, and a hook.

I'm just glad the day didn't end in any sort of tragedy and an emergency room visit.

Flipping heck ! That could have been nasty.

Hi, I am sorry about your fishing hook mishap, but then you have to expect this to happen sometimes if you live next to a river; especially one as beautiful as the Seymour.

I love your blog!! I know of many blogs/sites/people on the web, and yours is, without doubt, one of the wittiest that I have read. I will continue to read your blog as long as you continue to write.

I LOVE the way that you write by the way. It's funny how I found your blog, in a rather roundabout way: through my interest of knitting. I started to read knitting blogs as I found them to be informative and helpful but in all honesty yours is the best I have read thus far because it is also entertaining and interesting! It's the way that you write. It draws you in as it is so intriguing and engaging. You never know where the experience is going to take you either, which makes it fun...and you're real, which is cool. I sense that you admire the English language but will use the occasional expletive which I can appreciate ;^)

Puhlease keep your thoughts flowing...and sign me a secret admirer from the North Shore. And no, we don't know each other either...just a fan.

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