Monday, September 27, 2004


The Fair

We spent the entire weekend at the fair. I stayed in a hotel, I did no housework, I left towels on the floor. I hung with my best girl ...

I went on RIDES (and almost puked) I did karaoke with the bikers, and I bought a shitpile (and also an assload) of wool that I have no idea what to do with. With what to do. And such.

Further display of the S.E.X. when I sober up. Seems there is Lopi and also mohair in there. Like I know what I'm doing?

Heh. Life is good.

Life is good!

WElcome back.

Share pictures (of the wool).
Yes,share pictures of the yarn.Then I won't feel so bad about the mountain of it that I bought over the weekend.
Nice photo.Glad you had fun.
Very funny audio post,by the way !

Emma. []
I seem to have bought about 535 yards of peacock blue lopi, four thingies of carded but unspun stuff, and a bunch of mohair that I have to learn to spin. $84 later I'm in heaven, I have a bag of close to two pounds of some sort of raw yarn ... god that lanolin feels good.
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