Thursday, September 16, 2004


Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Her Surreal Highness and I made cookies!

They are organic! They are wholesome! You can almost taste the hairy legs of the politically-correct lesbian who grew the wheat in an atmosphere of love and support and then ground the wheat into flour between the marble-hard cheeks of her butt!

Yes, in other words, they taste like ass.

Next time I'm going with the Dough Boy's advice.


No knitting today. Going to the dentist to cope with an exploding tooth tomorrow and then working too much. I may well finish the knitting project I keep chortling about by Saturday.

Stay tuned for more excitement Ch├ęz Lapin.

But I don't WANT to taste the lesbian's legs.

When it come to cookies, the more machine-processed white flour and preservatives the better - as close as you can get to the Toll-Housian ideal.
Those look pretty, though.

If you don't want to taste hairy legs, do NOT eat these cookies then. There is butter, there are eggs, there are chocolate CHIPS, dammet, and ~still~ they manage to taste healthy! I think someone must have snuck some wheat germ or something in there when I wasn't looking.
talk to me,i want to hear that voice.
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