Friday, September 03, 2004



I got home tonight after yet another day during which I felt my brain start to melt and trickle out of my ear to find that clealy, the inhabitants of my home cannot be trusted to be here without some sort of supervision.


I offer into evidence, Exhibit A:

I think it's quite obvious what happened here. There are two heads, two torsos, and six limbs. Strewn all over the bed into which I was longing to tumble, having finally lurched home.

I shudder to think what may have happened to the missing two limbs.

Even worse is the insouciance of the apparent perpetrator, who seems to have lingered at the scene of the crime.

For anyone who can't tell what this is, it appears to be a small plastic walrus. I can't decide if this scene of apparent carnage is better or worse than the peculiar LegoPorn I used to come home and find on a regular basis ...

No wonder I never get any knitting done.

Oh my goodness! A Lego Pole Dancer. That is too funny. Much needed humor after 5 days stuck in a house during a hurricane.


W. :)
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