Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Are You Going To Scarborough Fair?

Hell no. I'd rather Do the Puyallup.

This weekend was a resounding success. We started off by FINALLY buying a new memory card for my digital camera, so now I can take more than 10 shots before I have to upload them to the computer.

This shot was taken at the beginning of the trip, by my daughter. She's turning into a decent photographer, even at the age of four (and no I'm not prejudiced at all, shut up.)

OK, it's a little dark but you can still see my pointy nose and that's all that really matters, isn't it?

We spent quite a lot of time eating, drinking and generally cavorting, as witnessed by the picture below.

Wonder Woman and a Glass of Iced Tea

I still think the photographs I take are better than hers, but that's only because I have more appealing subject matter to shoot.

I have thousands of pictures of the fair but I think this one sums it all up pretty well.

That's Her Surreal Highness on her first carousel ride. Gramma Pat is holding her there, but I don't have her permission to publish her photo so I'm restraining myself. For once.

I managed to finish my Meathead hat and that should be on its way to Portland as we speak. Type. Thingie.

I have a kazillion more photos and endless tales of the fair and there will be more pictures of the gorgeous wool I bought and don't know what to do with, however I must be off and see if I can figure out how to raise another $1600 this month. Yes, I know it's almost the end of the month. No, it's not vital, however it would be nice and so I'm thinking of selling one of my husband's kidneys.

It SAYS on his driver's licence that he's an organ donor. It does NOT say that he has to be finished with them before they get donated ...

Her Surreal Highness is such a cutie!

Kidney selling...lol. The fair sounds like it was glorious (and looks it, too) Oh, and my 4 year old also likes to play Ansel Adams when she's not pouting or asking me the same question over and over. Or whining. Or, okay, being very cute.
Be sure to put him in the bathtub full of ice and leave a cell phone and instructions to dial 911.

(I know someone who knew the former babysitter of someone that actually *knew* a guy that happened to!)

Kidneys go for a LOT of $$ on the transplant market.

Do you think he'd be willing to give up a lung and part of the liver, too? You could be debt-free without re-financing!
Well, if we have another day like today, I know ~one~ part for sure that he won't be needing again. Quite possibly ALL body parts will be available for sale or trade in the near future.

Just joking, of course, in case someone from some sort of law enforcement thingie is reading this. *g*
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