Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Yummy Yummy Yummy

I got yarn in my tummy.

I got THIS:

in the mail today. The four dark skeins are Rowan Magpie, the two light ones are Rowan Donegal Lambswool. The coral isn't quite as bright or as clear as I'd hoped, but that's ok, I'll eat those first.

This yarn is FAR too nice to knit with.

I managed to scoop some vintage patterns, also. I'm a sucker for old patterns. Thus the following was purchased from the same vendor:

Look! It's from Beehive! It's stylish! And it's from PARIS!

"Dude, it looks like some kind of cover for your spare rolls of toilet paper," I hear you say now. But didn't you READ?? It's STYLISH and from PARIS. If there was enough of the lambswool I'd think about it for this. You people have no taste at all.

Fucking philistines.

Feh. Leave the philistines with their toilet paper cozies. That Beehive Paris style is bee-YOO-teemous!
How can yarn be too nice to knit? It could be too nasty to knit, sure, but that's clearly not the problem with your new stuff.

We gonna make you a high class 'ho in no time.

Make sure you save room for dessert.


(this is my solution to the fact that blogger won't let me in as ME unless I join the collective.
Also, how much to you wanna bet that her hair under that hat is the EXACT same shape.
Backcombed to within an inch of baldness.

I particularly like the gloves and hand position. I bet she went to modeling school to improve her poise and appearance.

What makes me nervous is that that is likely the last photo of that hand/hat model ... it sure LOOKS like the guy behind her is about to club her like a baby seal.
Wow that yarn does look pretty sexy. OH...did I say that about yarn? I must be hard up. I haven't been around in so long I have some reading to do. Such is my exciting life.
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