Thursday, August 19, 2004


Yarn Snobs Ate My Baby

Today I had this succinct and witty post all mapped out. I was going to point out that I was just getting sick and tired of reading things written by yarn snobs who seem to think that if you knit something that isn't made out of lavender laceweight spun from the pubic hair of the Dalai Lama himself, that you're beneath notice.

I was going to mention that despite fears to the contrary, that the writers in question would not, in fact, feel their testicles (or breasts, depending on gender and/or weight) shrivel to the size of raisins and fall off if they happened to glance at acrylic yarn. I was also going to mention that it has never yet been proved that cashmere is an effective preventative against cancer.

And then ... well fuck. It all got blown away. I went and bought a knitting magazine for the first time in my life and after I stopped trying to eat all of the pictures I received divine guidance that, you know, that's what the Dalai Lama ~wants~ me to do.

And who am I to say no?

Shit, that was funny. You got the gift of rant, woman.

I'm watching "Matlock" while trying to wrap my head around the idea of the pubic hair of the Dalai Lama. And why anyone would conceive of such pubic hair of said lama.

I love my life.
Dammit. I just tried to comment, and I think it got lost in the ether. Is that what you referred to as "blogger being a twat?" Now I'm going to have to remember what I typed 10 minutes ago. Geesh.

Funny post. You got the gift for rant, woman! "Matlock" is over, the Jesus shows are on, and I'm still trying to come to terms with the idea of the pubic hairs of the Dalai Lama. Can knitting help me with any of this?

Probably not. Or could it ... ?
Ok, I don't want to over-post, but I just realized that the original post worked. And the second post. So now I look like an idiot.

Well, I guess there's a first time for everything ...
You can get darned fine yarn from llamas. What's an l or two between friends? And no, you're not a twat, you're just goofy. *g*
Come over to the dark side, little rabbit!
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