Tuesday, August 10, 2004


"vintage" doesn't always mean "good"

Just because something is old, doesn't mean that it has greater value than one o' them newfangled thangs made all of plastic. Honest it doesn't.

Take, for instance, vintage cooking books. I mean, I laugh just as hard as anyone does at the recipe cards at candyboots but would you really put any of that stuff in your mouth?

These cards inspired me (once I went and changed my pants, thankyouverymuch) to look out some of my own old recipe books. I had a dear friend who was an insane packrat and when he died, well, I couldn't very well throw out his precious STUFF could I? So I added many of his books to my collection. This book not only smells like it's been in storage for the last 30 years, it also sports such lovely pictures as this:

I don't know what bothers me more, the fact that they're serving the chicken in a french onion soup bowl, the fact that it's pretty clear that nothing on that table has ever had flavour or scent, or the fact that they seem to expect you to wash down the plastic chicken with a big goblet of giblets in vinegar. I suppose that's really the only fitting beverage for this sort of meal but really. Dude. There's a limit.

SOME vintage thingies are good though. I went thrift-storing (yes, it's a verb now, shut up) with my good friend Michelle when she was here last summer and we (or at least I) scored some spiffy vintage patterns, including this one.

I now have to decide which one she gets. I spoze I could just ask her but I'd rather let the public decide to make her wear something. Heh.

So which do you prefer, this ...

or these?

I'm leaning towards the bobbles, myself.

That sentence feels like it should mean something more than that but I suppose, as Freud (allegedly) said, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

Yes. And sometimes it's a pseudodick.

Oh, my.

Are there any other choices??

I guess minus the tassels, that the tassley (yes it's a word!) one isn't too bad.

Puts me in mind of a couple of vintage books *I* keep for yucks.

BTW, the photo of the pinky purple princess is precious.
I'm thinking she might even wear it with the tassles. It's gonna be orange.

Then again she might chase me down and beat me to death with a salami. One never knows what might happen in these situations ...
Hah! You WISH I'd chase you with a salami.

It just so happens that I LIKE THE TASSELS.

You can't scare me with this stuff; I grew up in the 1970s with a mother who was a knitter. I had custom-knitted ponchos (yes, plural), for crying out loud.
Tassels it is, babycakes.
Oh, my. . .
HAHA goblet of giblets HAHAHAAHHAA

Thanks I needed that!
Actually, I kind of like the hat on the lower right. It might be kind of cool in a stiff, shiny dark silk. Almost like an Elizabethan coif. Where did you find the pattern?
I went thrift-storing (yes, it's a word) with my friend and I believe we got that from the Mennonites for a nickel or so. I'm going to go back and see them soon, they give good pattern.
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