Monday, August 09, 2004


Turkeys aren't that dumb

My hubby and I, after running ourselves and our small offspring ragged here:

(photo posted for the droolage of Loki's Ho) all day were spending our usual evening discussing weighty and important matters, and the subject of whether or not turkeys were really stupid enough to drown by looking up at the rain came up.

Yes, we have an interesting life.

Anyhow, it would seem that they are not.

Yet another urban myth shot down, just when it was getting interesting.

So, next time you feel like calling someone a turkey, think to yourself, is it because you think they're so stupid that they could drown looking up at the rain, or is it because they have eyes on the sides of their head?

I'm just askin'

keys are nasty (I think we've had that discussion) and they don't stack worth a damn!

But in their favor, they smell bad, are noisy, and just plain disgusting.

Ann, lives near enough to turkey farm to know these things
So are you saying you didn't want me to have that half-dozen turkeys (live) delivered to your home?

Well I'm not a mountain whore like Loki's Ho, but I enjoy a good scenic pic. very nice!
OOOhh purdy pic! Thanks! I love the mountains. *sigh*

As for turkeys, I dunno about domesticated ones... but the wild ones are VERY smart. One of the few animals who can see in color. Wild huh? My dad's a avid turkey hunter. I hear the outdoor network (24 hour hunting shows) non-stop. It's sad, I've had too many dreams of wild turkeys and deer bleets. Yes, I can tell you the difference. Of course I grew up country so that helps I suppose.

Anyway, keep up the good work with getting the family outside and being active. Wish we would have done that as a family, but we were stuck in the desert. lol.
LOLOLOLOL!! Yes, I'm laughing out loud many times over. I'm gonna have to bring up this subject with my DH tonight. He'll probably look at me like I'm spending a little too much time home alone. :)
I haf sumsing fo you at ze blog de lovebuds.
In your discussions regarding turkeys, did you cover the concept of the "jive turkey?"

If so, please let me know what it is, and if it's smarter or dumber than a non-jive turkey.

The Urban Dictionary describes a "Jive Turkey" as being "Someone who's full of shit, an idiot, or likes to run linux even though they can't make the sound work." Or, conversely, turkey slow roasted in artificial jive flavouring.

You're welcome.
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