Wednesday, August 18, 2004


They Say It's Your Birthday ...

So happy birthday mom, you old bat!

She doesn't read blogs, I'm safe. She doesn't know I have one, and anyhow she thinks "the internet is full of pornography". Well yeah, but you have to go looking for it. It's sometimes taken me HOURS to find the really good stuff!


Um, I mean my husband told me ... that he once knew a bad guy who, um worked with someone else who said that he had heard of someone who said that. Yeah. That's it.

So today's been sort of wacky. Gee, I wonder why? Could it beeee ... the lack of SLEEP? Yeah, might could be. Although I don't know how MY lack of sleep is affecting everyone else.

I went home at lunch today for a little downtime after a very annoying person with whom I work did her damndest to make something into a crisis (unfortunately for her, I hadn't fucked anything up, but I'm sure something will be discovered tomorrow, just to keep her happy). I get home and find that Her Surreal Highness again seems to have managed to avoid a day at daycare. This is fine by me, as Daddy Time is a lot more important than most things and seeing Mommy Time is pretty thin on the ground these days, she should grab as much as she can get.

Anyhow, I get home and my neighbour is doing laundry in my house. She tells me that she went to get my towels out of the dryer and found that the demented cat:

had decided to take a nap in there. No, the cat isn't hurt, the door was open and she just thought it would make a nice spot in which to snooze. Dark, quiet, well-padded. I can see that.

And then my neighbour flashed her boob at me (yes, there was silliness going on, she didn't just do this at random). This is fine -- she has a nice rack, in fact on reflection, yeah, I'd do her.

Look for future tales of hot lesbian lust right here on this blog.


Well, no. Ok, shut up. The boob part was true, the impending lesbian porn isn't. All of you who hastily clicked "add to favourites" can just wipe the sweat off the mouse and delete the bookmark. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Hmm, looks like my mother was right. This internet thingie ~is~ full of porn.

Sick, Sick, Sick!


I've never thought of a cat in a dryer as sick, really. You have a dirty mind.
Warped and twisted after being similarly flashed by an 80+ year old woman.

Rather smart of you to not mention to your mom that you have a blog. Silly me, I told lots of people (mom, daughter, husband, sisters-in-law, former coworkers). Now to avoid future "difficulties" I must sometimes censor what I would LIKE to be saying.

So, carry on......say all those nasty, off-the-cuff things we all wish we could be saying but must edit out.
You could always start a second, secret blog, but if your life is anything like mine, maintaining one is pretty much the limit.
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Well poot! I already had you bookmarked and for a moment was all excited that I would be in for some future naughtiness. *sigh* You dashed my hopes and dreams Rabbitch! Heh, oh well. Guess I'll have to be satisfied with all the wonderful pussy pictures you keep posting. Demented cat. HAH! Secret codes are always nice.
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