Tuesday, August 31, 2004


SquirrelMan Sighting!

I think he's stalking me.


He was waiting outside the store where I buy my newspapers again tonight. Hold me, I'm scared.

Nevermind that there's a bus stop where he was waiting and that it's actually just around the corner from the store, not in front of it. It sounded better the other way.

Today was completely uneventful. I'm still sick, work was boring, and I have realized that I hate my day job so much I am going to have to commit hara-kiri if I don't get something new and quick.

I'll try to be more amusing tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime, just so that I can continue to call this a knitting blog ...

Voila. My first completed sweater. It's a baby sweater and I finished it a couple of years ago. Yes, I know this is cheating but that's how it goes today, alas.

Sweet dreams ...

Is your stalker the guy with the fuzzy rodent crawling out of his shirt collar? Bet you wish you weren't so hot now, huh. It's tough to be beautiful, isn't it? (If you find out, let me know)

That's a fine sweater. I see much danger in my getting involved in knitting. Repetitive, tactile, hypnotic ... with a creative and constructive end! I think I fear it. I'd rather invent a chicken machine and share the profits with my garbage sister.

Say, at what point in the hobby did you first consider ingesting the raw materials of the craft?

So, you'll be done with the 16-hour days in about mid-July of next year, right?
Hey, even paranoids have enemies, and even hypochondriacs do get sick every so often. I think I've made this baby sweater. A few zillion times. It's a very nice first sweater, even though you've cheated.
It's the sweater from the Baby's First something or other sweater at about.com, I think. It was much loved and long-worn by the recipient. I keep thinking if I had half a brain I could convert it to an adult size and bla-dee-bla and then I realize that's math and go back to sleep.
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