Monday, August 30, 2004


Something In The Air

And from the number of babies happening around here, I think it must be knees.

There are three new babies in the sixteen or so houses closest to me. I can't decide if it's making me feel all broody and such or if I'm just getting annoyed by their little purple-faced wails. Probably a little of both -- I'm not the most maternal person on the face of the planet, but I am creeping slowly towards menopause and that seemingly throws your hormones a little out of whack.

I have one wonderful daughter, about whom I talk incessantly. We had hoped to have more kids but I lost our second a few days before my 40th birthday (miscarriage, I didn't just put it down and forget where I left it) and I had sort of decided that one kid was just fine. My daughter has been agitating for a sibling, though. In fact I can't remember how it all came about but it would seem that she and my husband were babbling on about kids one day and he said that he was going to dress a bag of garbage up in a dress and tell her that it was her sister.

Yes, I know that sounds horrible taken out of context, but you have to understand that we have completely manic conversations around here. Tonight Her Surreal Highness was "The Chicken Machine" and every time I pushed on the top of her head she spat out another chicken. Then The Chicken Machine broke and wouldn't stop and we ended up with about 50 chickens on the dining room table.

Anyhow, she keeps joking about going to visit her garbage sister and I'm thinking that if I don't want the Ministry to be hauling her away, a) I'd better produce a real sister so she shuts up about it and b) we have to do something about the chickens.

I have no idea how I would survive if I lived in a normal household. I also have no idea how I'm going to find time to have another child, but that's another story.

Anyhow, tonight's post wasn't supposed to be about babies or chickens, I was going to take some pictures of UFOs and post them and then babble on about how wonderful my new Addi Turbo Straights are but, ya know, there's only so much one chick(en) can do. I'm sick (bad cold) and tired (two weeks of double shifts, one more week to come) and it just seems like more than I can find the energy to do.

Ah well, it can't be all Lustige Schweizer every night, can it?

Sigh. I know, I know. About all of it. . .
You know about garbage sisters and Lustige Schweizer? Man, and I thought it was only me ...
Get her a chicken. Trust me, you'll be better off in the long run. ;)
Man, I know what you mean about the baby boom. It's like there here too. I think it's something in the water which is why I drink bottled. Everyone is pushing for us to have a kid too *rolls eyes* but I don't think mommyhood is for me. Bah....leave me alone.
Garbage sister ... now *that's* good. Can I come visit your house when I'm bored?
My older daughter HAD a "Garbage Sister" if only for one short evening. I dressed her little sister up as a bag of garbage one Hallow'en. Yeah I know, I'm a terrible mother, but I was stumped. Three kids, each wanting original, "creative" costumes every year! (Well okay, it was ME that insisted on the "creative" part.....they would have been happy with the store-bought atrocities.)
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