Sunday, August 22, 2004


Rabbitch Kitsch

I'm all burned out, nothing funny to report, apart from the fact that I found out today that I really can't be trusted to buy my own makeup. I don't usually wear makeup, maybe twice a year, but we went out for dinner tonight and I thought I needed just a little more oomph.

I recently purchased some new foundation called "Vertical Lift". I guess I was thinking that if it worked on my face, I might spread it all over my boobs as well.

I don't know whether or not it made me look younger, seeing I was too horrified by the fact that I don't seem to know what colour I am, and the stuff I purchased made me look all Kabuki and shit, which is REALLY not my best look. I think I'll return it for a somewhat more realistic shade later this week.

I also got some new books at Michael's today, where I visited in the pretense of getting something for my mother's birthday. I got her some embroidery silks and a knitting book that she liked, but really, I went for me. I'm too stupid-assed tired to scan them tonight, but trust me, I did quite well out of this trip.

Anyhow, being unable to be witty, I thought I might as well just be weird (I know that startles you) and post a picture of my favourite coffee cup.

And as if having a cow-patterened coffee cup isn't kitschy enough ...

Hee! I've given more than one person a heart attack with that cup.

Bad Rabbitch!

The little cow is actually molded into the bottom of the cup? Cool! I've never seen that before. I spent an evening with some friends tonight, and one of them is *very* fond of cows. She would be impressed. Maybe I'll direct her to your blog ... if I can find her email addres.
Yeah, the cow is attached to the cup. My mother got it for me from Regal (I think) a number of Christmases (Christmae?) ago.
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