Sunday, August 08, 2004


Ooh ooh that smell ...

... cantcha smell that smell?

Did you know that you can't leave a bowl of beef fat sitting on the counter for four days in 90-degree weather? Yeah, I knew that. But apparently the person who left it there didn't.

Actually, for the grammar-conscious amongst us, you CAN leave a bowl of beef fat on the counter for four days, you just really SHOULDN'T.


On a slightly less disgusting note, I've been told to go fly a kite about a billion times, and today we did.

After that we played soccer:

I'm thinkin' that my girl may have a future playing goal.

I did very little in the way of knitting today. Like none at all. My friend Ann has kindly agreed to take the Kroy yarn off my hands, so I don't have to "officially" add it to my stash. This also means that I don't have to face my double-pointed needles any time soon.

Unfortunately, she also somehow got me interested in actually documenting how much yarn I have and of what sort. This is a worthwhile project, so that I don't go and buy stuff when I already have the yarn for a particular item (like there's anything that I don't already have the yarn for???), however there's a ton of work to do. I'm at 2.11 miles so far and that's only the cotton (and I haven't counted all of that yet).

And I repeat, gah.

Are those mountains I see in the distance? OMG where are you? Can I come and visit? LOLOL.

I'm a wanna-be mountain whore. Well, not physically whoring. Just clinging to the mountains and rubbing against them in my fresh-air breathing lust.
I'm in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. The lovely Pacific NorthWet. No, not a typo. We get a shitpile of rain here. But yeah, it's incredibly gorgeous, also.
Oh nice! Love to visit Canada one day. The farthest north I've ever been is the bottom part of Virginia. HEHE, so I can say I haven't been north at all!
Looks like a gorgeous place to live. Lucky you!
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