Thursday, August 26, 2004


Life Improveth Exponentially

I stayed up late talking to my friend and then slept until 10:40 or so. Woke to smiles and a hot cup of coffee in bed. Well no, in the coffee cup, beside the bed, which is better, really. Trust me on this one.

Spent the day just basically engaging in activities that are amusing to a four year old. Before you start yawning, please remember that this is the most bizarre four year old I've ever met, and most of the stuff she wants to do is fun. Well, apart from watching Rocket Robin Hood, but we won't talk about that.

It was great to have a day 'off', even though most of that off time consisted of having bug stickers stuck all over me and doing laundry and dishes. Her Highness was very upset when I declined to wear the bug stickers to work and left them all over the upstairs hall mirror instead. Might just do it tomorrow night.

Got an email confirming my participation in the Meathead project being run by the nice lady over here. I ran across this link on Juno's page. Fun stuff. (Be careful what links you put up on your blogs, people. Some folks actually follow all of them and I'm delicate, ya know).

I worked 4-midnight, allegedly, however it's now after midnight and my relief isn't here. Seemingly she is standing beside the highway in the pouring rain, waiting for BCAA to come and tow her.

I have a feeling it might be best to just post this now seeing "jazzing up the post with cute pictures" is going to be really low on my priorities when I finally get my tired bunniebum home ...

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