Sunday, August 01, 2004



At last ... you knew I'd get back to talking about knitting again, didn't you?

On Friday I got home to find a wonderful package waiting for me. Giftage!

Oh this just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. *dance* Thank you so much, Ann!

I took them to work tonight and spent half my shift drooling and planning new projects. The drooling is pretty much par for the course, being elderly, but the planning was great fun. Before anyone thinks I'm about to be fired for spending work hours planning personal projects, I work nights on a switchboard. Sometimes we're so busy I have half a dozen calls backed up, but later in the evening I could have as much as 10 minutes in between calls, so there's lots of time to plot. The problem now is that I am going to a) have to retire later this year and b) live to be 136 in order to finish everything I have planned. Either that or learn to knit faster.

I made some progress on the Binkie of Bathos, as you can see. I'm still on track to have it completed by the end of August.

I wish the detail showed up better in this picture. It looks great on my couch. Hmm, wonder if I could knit covers for this badly-mistreated furniture? NO! BAD RABBIT.

Mother-in-law and her boyfriend are here and they very politely ignored both the filth and the strange messages and drawings left on the mirrors all over the house.

What can I say? Leaving messages with Window Writers seems to be our main form of communication these days. I may live in a madhouse, indeed, but at least it's an amusing one.

Lucky girl! All those wonderful books in one fell swoop! I still have yet to purchase any of them, but am dying to get the Debbie Bliss and EZ collections. Let us know how the patterns knit up as you try them.

I love the bunny drawing! :) Is it you that's the artist in the family?
Yeah, they're great. As soon as I force myself to finish this blue blanket, I'm going to start on some of the Debbie Bliss patterns. It's a 0-3 year old book and my daughter is four, but she's slim (although very tall) and the Bliss patterns all allegedly knit up very large, so I'm going to go for a moss stitch tunic in school bus yellow. I hate doing moss stitch -- I have two unfinished projects in moss stitch at the moment -- but I sure love how it looks! The rabbit was drawn by my husband, and I drew the bucket of water. I'm going to get that little bunnie tattooed on me some time soon.
Yes, Debbie knits up least for children's items. The sweater I just finished knitting was supposed to be the 9-12month pattern, but is more suitable for a two-year old. The gauge was spot on, so go figure. Let us know how they turn out.
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