Monday, August 02, 2004


Inappropriate Items I Have Made

Not a lot of content in tonight's post. In-laws returned successfully from whence they came, and the last day I had off work was July 11, so I'm a little brain-dead.

Although tonight's shift was very quiet and ended up being quite successful on the knitting front (14 rows of the Blue Binkie of Bliss completed plus a couple of squares knitted together for the Blankets project) a good general rule is to not knit when one is at ... shall we say ... less than one's optimum level of alertness?
It can get you into all sorts of trouble. For instance ... Chavo's Tampon.

This was a cat toy made from a pattern supplied to me by my friend Ann. It was very easy to make and it would seem my kitty pal enjoys it muchly, but truly, it resembles nothing more or less than a hand-knitted tampon. Not exactly the sort of item you want to be taking on the craft-show circuit, perchance.

The second item up for your ridiculing pleasure, a bunnie with microcephaly.

No idea what I was thinking on this one. The pattern upon which my rabbits are based is very clear about measuring carefully to get the right size head on your bunnie. I'm sure there's some sort of dirty joke there, but I'm too tired to find it.

Another mystery, although the item is more useless than inappropriate, is why I spent quite a lot of money on a knitting machine (thinking I'd use it to make blankets/sweaters, etc. for charity) and have thus far, a year and a half after its purchase, produced exactly one item. About 3" of ribbing.

That's all for tonight, folks. I told you it would be content-light!

I leave you with the title of today's favourite spam: "a rectum - date one today". Sheesh, like we haven't all dated a few too many rectums (rectae?) in our lives!

You are making me want to learn to knit! It looks hard though, damnit
You're just jealous of the knitted tampon ...

And knitting isn't particularly difficult, you just have to have a lot of patience. And read the damned ball bands so you don't look mental.
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