Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I Can Only Please One Person A Day

Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking so good either.

Yes, I stole that line, but it's still one of my favourites. I wish I'd remembered it earlier in the day, though.

I would very much like to thank the wonderful seller on eBay who got my Rowan Magpie "Raven" yarn to me today and also the funky folks over at Elann. Had I not come home at lunch to find this:

waiting for me, there likely would have been a considerably larger number of deaths at work this afternoon. As it stands the total is 0, which is, I believe, the total recommended in the Manual of People Who Work for 'Tards Who Think That They Can Come To You With Huge Problems Half An Hour Before The End of the Day Right Before A Scheduled Vacation Day.

I don't even want to think about what the acronym is for that, much less pronounce it.

I've had to deal with an assload (somewhere between 750 and 1000) of people this summer. We're supposed to have THREE staff members; one of whom is full time (waving hand madly in air) one of whom is part time (24 hours a week) and one of whom has been pretty much fucking invisible since the day I started there, close on five years ago, but who makes the same money that I do. I still don't know what he does. Mostly goes off on disability from what I can see, or to mysterious 'appointments' from which he seldom returns. For instance when is the last time YOU had to leave the office for four freakin' hours just to get your teeth cleaned? Yeah, I thought so.

Our receptionist is also wounded and has been missing in action more often than not of late. Valid wound, reasonable absence.

No matter how valid or reasonable ANY of this is, it in no way mitigates the fact that my job has been greatly complicated by a number of administrative asswobbles making some major decisions affecting my job (increasing the volume markedly) without communicating ANY of these decisions directly to me. I guess osmosis is a better communication tool than oh ... say ... a MEMO?

They have every right to make these decisions, however I'd like to have the tools necessary to do my job right the first time. I'm just sayin'.

And while struggling with putting out the many fires initiated by the assbugles (slightly smaller than asstrumpets, I believe), I have also had to be doing what essentially amounts to three jobs for most of the summer.

This, on top of having to work at ANOTHER job because we haven't had a raise in ELEVEN FREAKIN' YEARS. Not, like I said before, that that's any sort of issue for me.

Anyhow, suffice it to say that I need my vacation, and am somewhat resentful of the fact that I'm being forced to take a good portion of it in single days rather than in one big (ooh, like a whole week?) lump, therefore when said crisis was presented to me, mere minutes before my departure, I pointed out that a) the beginning of July would have been a good time to do this, b) I wasn't going to be in to fix it tomorrow, even though tomorrow was the deadline for getting it done and c) I really had to leave, okbye.

I wonder if he knows how close he came to death this afternoon?

Gah. I didn't mean for this to be a rant, and not even a very funny one at that. I promise to do better tomorrow, and to come up with some more asswords for y'all.

Well, at least the assoboe didn't force you to give up your vacation day....
I too can only please one person a day......and day after day I choose for it to be ME!
I wish I realized earlier that I need to make an "ass-words list." I'll try to catch up before your next post. Would you be available to provide definitions for each word (if I get bored enough, that is)?
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