Monday, August 16, 2004


Doesn't it just stink when ...

... a skunk sprays you right *whap* in the face and you're just a little dog that only weighs maybe 5 or 6 lbs?

Yeah, yeah it does. Just ask the little guy who lives next door to me.

I was playing Trivia online (told you I was a junkie) and suddenly heard this screaming from the dog. Next thing I knew, there was a knock on the door and my neighbour was standing there, holding her noze, asking if I had any tomato juice. I didn't, but I had tomato sauce which, although perhaps a little less conventional, worked. He now smells less like skunk and more like a small hairy lasagna. Made from dog.

I don't think I needed THAT image in my mind. Bet you didn't either.

Speaking of food, tonight was "use up all of those vegetables, you demented rabbit" night here at Ch├ęz Lapin.

Thusly, this:

Got turned into this:

in fairly short order. Best damned teriyaki chicken stirfry I've had in months!

On the knitting front (seeing this was originally intended to be a knitting blog and not a food blog) I did nothing at all today, didn't even pick up my needles, however I did manage to score some more yummy yarn on eBay and now will have enough for a sweater when combined with the Rowan Magpie in Raven. I got a couple of skeins of grey, a couple of a greyish tweedy mix called Dolphin and a couple of another brand in coral. The coral will need to be used in double strands to match the weight but I think there's the real possibility of some fun there. I'm thinking of making this, but with long sleeves. I'm gonna be the talk of the town. Or something.

I'm heading into three weeks of double shifts, starting tomorrow. Gonna be working from 8:30am to midnight, Monday to Friday, so I have a feeling that, although there will be posts, a) there will be some missed days and b) the posts that DO show up may well be somewhat content-light. They may well be almost completely lacking in linkage.

Forgive me.

Well, I guess if a situation is dire enough for you to leave trivia, it will certainly show up in one of your posts! Hi, trivia/pervert pal here.

Our family dog was sprayed by a skunk once. We tried the tomato juice/sauce/paste trick. The dog simply licked it off. As if it was a special treat. "Hey, I'll have to mess with skunks more often. This tangy sauce is *much* better than kibble!"
WOW you can come and cook at my house anytime! We currently have some sweet potatos on the counter that's shoots are already up past the kitchen cabinet height. hehe. We're so lazy. I think we should just leave them there and next year harvest a whole new crop of taters. Yeah!!!

Anyways, be safe while driving to and from work! Those double shifts are no fun I'm sure. We'll miss your daily postings but I'm sure you'll have more stories to share when it's all said and done! ;)
Hairy dog lazagna just won't do it for me, but that photo of fresh peas has me longing to find something in my fridge other than half liquified lettuce.
Organics at Home, baby. I order it, they bring it, I cook it ... it's just about the best thing that's happened to our family this year.
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