Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Cross-Eyed ...

... but still upright; physically if not morally.

Tonight's dinner was a ham sandwich and a bag of Skittles. I could find no valid reason to photograph these, and as my camera was at home, I had at least one valid reason not to do so.

One of the good things about working the night shift is that once things die down (perhaps not the best term to use in a hospital with a high geriatric population ...) there's time to catch up on things like knitting and writing blog posts. If only I had the energy to do either thoroughly. The blue bunnie wasn't quite as complete as I had thought and I had to add a few more rows before casting it off. An hour of finishing and an hour or so to knit the ears and she's done. Perhaps tomorrow.

My parents had some fun tonight. Dad went out to look at the garden and heard some sort of rummaging out back of the garage. Seems there was a large black bear eating the garbage out back. Mum called me at 10pm to tell me all about the bear. The switchboard got busy and I had to put her on hold several times. She was rambling and I wasn't really paying attention and at some point she started talking about the car horn going off. She kept babbling about hearing "it" tooting and tooting and then there was a pause and then it tooting again. Not really paying attention I lost the thread of the story and had to stop her to find out what exactly was tooting.

See, in our household, in an attempt to stop Her Surreal Highness from shouting "hey, I farted!" in the middle of daycare, we refer to explosions from the caboose as "toots".

I just had some vision of my mother running around terrified of bearfarts. Don't ask why. Maybe I'll get a better night's sleep tonight and this won't seem quite so funny tomorrow.


It seems mother nature is out in force lately! Your parents had tooting bears, and I had raccoons on steroids! Think they were in cahoots?
You mean ... like some sort of super secret wildlife cabal?

*nervous look*


*fans furiously*
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