Sunday, August 29, 2004


Criminal Record

No, really. Someone should be doing hard time for this one.

Here we have, for your listening pleasure, Anny, Nelly und Willy, all ready to yodel their little hearts out. I wonder if they're available for table dances.

Willy plays accordion, too!

Oh god, I almost wish I had scanned the back of the album as well. The first song on Side 1 is "Alphorn -- Echo mit Kuhreigen (Alpine Horn Echo and Cattle Parade)"

And yes, this did come from my personal record collection. Nobody's going to believe me if I say I've never listened to it, so I won't even try to make that claim.

Even more disturbing:

I'm not sure I know how I feel about my husband not having enough time to load the dishwasher once in a six-day period, but having enough time to put my face on the middle Schweizer. Should I be flattered? Frightened? Is this his way of telling me that he thinks women in Dirndl dresses are hot?

Should I start packing or buy a gun?

The answers to these and other questions, tomorrow, on As The Rabbitch Yodels

Did you used to have young, drunken rages wherein you would randomly buy bargain bin albums in an off-the-beaten-path record store with hooka pipes and incense also sold there? Surely that's why you own this.
I think the exact origins of that particular record (yes, it's vinyl!) should remain lost in the mists of time, really ...
I think we could begin having a contest whereby we post the most bizarre records we've never listened to in our record collections on our blogs. I have some that may rival this. Tune in tomorrow for one of mine....
Good job! You finally posted the yodel party album. (Do you also call CDs "records" or "albums?" I do. Guess that's part of being born slightly (he, he) before 1980. (And I promised myself I'd never do nested parentheses (oh, well (what can you do?))))

"Party" is an understatement. I think the old Steve-meister just might get his yodel on this weekend. Yeah, baby.

But I regress. (Yes, I meant to use that word)

Do you perhaps have the album image in a larger resolution? It would work better that way as a desktop image. Oh, and I'm talking about the *second* album image . . . MUAHHAAHAHA.

Hmmmm. I'll have to make a trip to my parents' house. That's where all my old albums are. Maybe I can find something.
Yes, I have a larger copy of the doctored cover. Drop me an email and I'll send it to you. I have no shame.
Currently the Minnesota State Fair is going on. All of the local radio and TV stations broadcast from the fair. I was watching the local news, and they had a guy on there that is some kind of yodeling champion. He gave a short lesson on how to yodel. Is this synchronicity or what? Let the yodel party begin.
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