Tuesday, August 03, 2004


"crap" now officially on Table of Elements

I have received incontovertible proof that vehicle manufacturers are secretly laughing at us.

There's this certain company ... to avoid falling victim to the excessively-litigious, let's just call them "Wanda". They make excellent vehicles that keep going forever, retain their resale value far longer than many other vehicles and, up until now, have been relatively aesthetically pleasing.

Tonight, however, I was forced to revise my opinion, at least on the latter point.

We were driving along, heading out to grab a burger after spending a couple of hours at the wave pool with Her Surreal Highness, and I saw ... well, I'm still not quite sure what I saw. This vehicle sort of rhymes with "Elephant", and I'm thinking it may well have been the end result of a couple of designers getting really high and having a competition to see just how skanky a vehicle they could get away with.

I can't think of any other reason that a previously-reliable company would make something slightly less sexay than a milk carton on wheels and then paint it diarrhea green.

Whatever those boys were smoking, I do believe I would like some. And then I'm going to call my father and tell him that that's what mom's been longing for for her birthday.

On the knitting front, after making bold strides on The Blue Blanket For Which I Can Think Of No Other Derogatory Names Because I Am Sort Of Tired, I packed up all of my stuff to go to work on Sunday night, glanced at the ball of yarn on the dining room floor and wondered what fool had left a ball of my yarn there instead of in my 'office' area I've carved out of the living room, and blithely left the house. Upon arriving at work I discovered that in fact ~I~ was the fool and that was the ball of yarn I needed to continue work on the blanket. I spent the evening knitting a pink cotton dishcloth instead, a picture of which I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see. I've never found photos of squares of plain garter stitch all in one colour to be particularly impressive, anyhow.

And lastly, to those who have taunted me for being too chickenshit to pick up my dpns and make socks ... I say HA! I knew they were dangerous.

Not touching those puppies any time soon.

Yes, indeed, you have described that particular vehicle well. We saw our first (and so far only) one the last time we were out of town. There it was, in the parking lot of the restaurant, looking for all the world like a brick on a roller skate (large, though).

And what, pray tell, did you do to that poopr rabbit? And why?
I did NOTHING to the rabbit. It was like that when I found it. Blame the dpns. Honest.
I'm skeered now.
Rabbit was revived, dpns put back in the elastic band, wrapped up in a bag and shoved in the back of my filing cabinet so they can never hurt any of us again ...
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