Saturday, August 07, 2004


Confessions of a yarn ho

I would first like to say that I am NOT a yarn addict. I can stop buying it any time I like.

I'm just an enthusiast. An enthusiast with a couple of grand worth of yarn in her house, perchance, but an enthusiast nonetheless.


And that doesn't even begin to address the quantity on hand; it's just that this is the most naked I'm willing to get in public. There's also a full laundry basket of cotton, three large cones of yummy alpaca, and ooh, maybe almost that much yarn again in nooks, crannies and boxes all over the house.

No, I'm not a well woman. Thank you for noticing.

Went to Michael's today and bought 12 balls of that orange you see to the far left, 11 balls of the deep sage that is beside it, and six balls of Kroy in some sort of green. Yes, I know Kroy is sock yarn, I'm trying to send it to Ann or someone else who doesn't know the true evil of double-pointed needles. The rest of the yarn is just Bernat So Soft. It was all on sale for $2 a ball, down from the usual $5 or so. Yes, I'm trying to justify this purchase. Hey, it's working for me. No, my husband isn't buying it either.


I'm going to go knit something now. Okbye.

I've said this before, but I think that the yarn ho's in all of us need "I'm a yarn ho" buttons for our blogs. What do you think?
What is it about new yarn that makes our fingers itch w/the need to purchase? I have a three drawer rolling cart full of yarn. I have various boxes of yarn in my closet. No where near the insanity of you, but still. When I see a new kind of yarn, I want to buy it even though I am chock full of yarn. I'm a crochet whore, and I'm proud.
Carmel, I think you're right about the button. Maybe my lazy-assed hubby can make one when he makes me my 'flying bunnie' button.

Woman of Scorn ... just what are you implying here? I clearly see the word "insanity" in your comment. Don't make me hurt you!

Oh, and the sage yarn I got yesterday is actually Paton's Decor, which is way nicer than the Bernat So Soft I wrongly labeled it as yesterday.
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