Wednesday, August 04, 2004


ambitious or just a wack job?

I thought I had lost my list of "planned and promised" projects when we bought me a new computer and, behind the ranting and raving at my husband for reformatting the old machine before I was finished getting all of my stuff off of it, I breathed a secret sigh of relief, as it was so long that I felt sort of squicky every time I looked at it.

I started a new list and then tonight found the old one, so I guess I have to combine them.

Fifty one isn't too many, right?

Man, I'm glad I hadn't added about 8 other things I have planned.

Fortunately I'm about to start a series of 17 double shifts (shut up, I know) and will get a lot of serious knitting time in between now and the end of August.

That is, if I can keep myself from compulsively reading other people's blogs ...

Crawling off to bed now in the hope that I don't have nightmares about being chased by half-finished slippers.

Keep yer pants on, missy! I'm working in the coal mines until midnight but will get right on it as soon as I get home. Saved the list for a post tonight as I have to make every tawdry little detail of my life do double duty. I'm going to run out of steam soon and have to start posting once a week instead of daily, don'cha know?
But I come here every day! Surely you are joking!
Sweetie, I have enough UFOs and enough things that piss me off to post once a day for about a year, I'd think. If I can just stop this "double shift" crap I should be able to keep it up.
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