Friday, August 13, 2004



According to the nifty folks over at The Phobia List, this term refers to fear of chickens.

That's one phobia that's certainly been keeping me up nights. AAAAAAahhhhhhhhh! It's a ... small smelly feathered bird either kept for egg production or killed for food. Yeah. Scary. Probably not quite as stupid as "Phobophobia", which is fear of phobias, but pretty lame nonetheless.

Try using it in conversation and see if it makes you seem wittier and more knowledgeable, or if it just makes people think you're a twat. Report back.

Today's been a slow news day. Just about the only exciting thing that's happened is that I've found out I'm finally rich enough to be able to afford a pool on my car. Yes, on, not "in".

That's actually my husband's car and I have a feeling that the pool belongs to the woman next door who babysits about 193 little kids during the day. Ya think?

On the knitting front, seeing this is supposed to be a semi-knitting blog and I haven't mentioned it in days, I've managed to get several more rows of my friend's bunnie knitted. Right now it just looks like a blue rectangle, hardly worth posting.

Then again if I'm running out of material so quickly that I'm actually putting up pictures of the slug I found on my sidewalk tonight, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Heading off to sleep to wake later and see what Friday the 13th brings ... Hopfully it'll be a little more exciting than today.

i like the slug picture. it's, like, arty & shit.
Oh you photography-type people and your artsy-fartsy attitude. I think that's just sweet. I also think that this slug would be much more impressive with your camera rather than with mine. Unfortunately the stupid cat next door killed it shortly after this picture was taken. And then tried to come into my house with slug-goo on its feet ...
I see you are also having Big Excitement today :)

Hope the 198 little kids don't pee in your pool on your car-!
I see you are also having Big Excitement today :)

Hope the 198 little kids don't pee in your pool on your car-!
you said twat. hehehehehhehehehhehe

------>Having a sloe gin day. lie, you can ask loki, i'm afraid of birds. Too many traumatic events
OOhh did you pour salt on the slug? hehe I'm so evil.
OMG! Thank you for this.
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