Tuesday, July 27, 2004


summertime ...

... and the living is sneezy.

Damned allergies have been giving me hell; I'm an itching, sneezing wreck. Bet that makes me sound hot. Oh yes indeedie. Got little pink sticky eyes, too. *shimmy*

It seems worse this summer. Could that have anything to do with us getting a cat? Gee, no. Ya think? Fuggit, we're keeping her anyhow. Here she is, all covered in dirt.

Despite the dirt, she seems to be popular. My daughter asked me tonight why we had another cat. After assuring her that we did NOT have another cat, I turned around to find that Sasha apparently has a gentleman caller. He was about to use the litter box, so he seems polite, but I'm pretty sure he belongs to someone else, so I sent him on his merry way. He can't be more than 8 months or so and Sasha is nine years old. Guess my cat's a cougar!

Nothing witty to say tonight. I worked the 4-12 at my 'other' job all weekend and got another 3" or so of the Blue Blanket of Bastardy done. Nothing much else. Working all three nights this weekend (long weekend -- yay for double time!) so I'll get quite a bit more done. I'll post a photo again once I hit the half-way mark.

Mother in Law is coming to visit this weekend (yes, this is a good thing)so my husband Ben has been cleaning like a maniac. That's a picture of him with a painted paper bag on his head. Seems my daughter felt bad for him that he didn't have a tiara and put that on his head, naming him "The Honey Princess". Gotta love a man who's proud of that!

There is no better man than one who is not afraid to be the "Honey Princess" for a little girl. That was really sweet.
Can't wait to see your progress on the Blue Blanket.
More than that, I hope you're feeling better soon.
Aren't allergies fun!

And heat. And mugginess.

Nice cat, though!
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